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Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. My camera broke so I can’t post anymore pics. Sorry if I already explained this.

How To Edit Minecraft skin without buying the game. (Legal)

Please do not report me or ban me for doing this, I’m only making this blog to help people who haven’t bought the game and wanted a skin like me (I don’t have it either!)

Step 1. You need to download WinRar archive. Download it here.
Step 2. Go to “Start”, then type in “%appdata%”, without quotes. If you have Windows XP, click “Run” instead.
Step 3. It should bring up a folder called roaming, click on “.minecraft”, and go to bin.
Step 4. Inside of bin, there should be a file called “minecraft”, right click it and click “Open With >> WinRar Archiver”
Step 5. There should be a lot of different files, go ahead and click the one that says “mob.”
Step 6. Click on “char.png” and open it with, Gimp, or any other editing picture program.
Step 7. Edit the skin to your way, and Save it. When you go back to the archive, it says:”File “char.png” has been modified. Do you wish to update it in the archive?” CLICK YES.
Step 8. Close WinRar, and open up Minecraft and your edited character should be modified!
Hoped this helps~
By SuperBuza 😉

Copied, pasted, and edited by Herobrian53 😆

Minecraft – Star Wars reference!

Did you ever notice that a swamp biome in mincecraft looks like dagobah?

Swamp biome

Just make the sky darker and remove the animals. Try killing all the animals and wait till night and BAM! Dagobah in minecraft with no mods!

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C3PO being MEAN to Jar Jar

C3PO Meme

Here are the quotes in order:

“Meesa Jar Jar Binks!”

“I speak over 6 million different languages… and stupidity isn’t one.”

“I’m sorry Jar Jar but I can’t understand you.”

250+ Views!

Well looks like we made the first milestone: 250! 🙂 Now to make my favorite cover character! You wont know who until I post it! 😎

Origami Cover Yoda (12 Folds)

Here he is! I will add instructions to instructions page soon.


My (cough) Harvey-Like (cough) brother said he looked like Cover Yoda except for the robe! I’m good! 😎 Also, I wonder what Rhondella would say about this picture? (Must have Art2 – D2’s Guide to Doodling and Folding to understand.) I’m making this my gravatar.

Cover Yoda (12 Folds!) Coming soon!

He’s done but I am on my Kindle Fire (No camera 😥 ) so I can’t post him right now (Also my phone got messed up (the screen got REALLY cracked)). I’ll post him when ever I can so until then and forever after, May the folds be with you!

250 Views (Not yet)

We are SO close to 255 views.

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As you can see we only have 240 views, so we need to think of what to do! Post what I should do in the comments.